The Governing People

“If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government.”- Nelson Mandela



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**Firstly we shall assume that this piece is targeted to nations which practice democratic principles as a whole. This piece may not relate to nations which do not practice such democratic principles.**

From the United States down into South Africa, back up into India & across the world into Brazil-                                                                                                                                               Who elected the leaders of your government ? You did, the people of the land.                     Why did you elect those leaders into your government ? Was it not so that they could represent you, speak for you & protect you ? Then why is it that they exploit you, live lavish lives while you suffer- eat exquisite meals while you starve, take relaxing vacations while you break your back in the fields ? Did they not ask- campaign by making promises  & beg for your votes ? You seemed so important to them- because ,well you are very important, they just refuse to match any value to you, the common people !

For you are in most cases not filthy rich or individually influential- you just pay their salaries & provide for them their comfortable lives-ironic since you face uncomfortable positions day after day at the behest of their negligent &/or corrupt actions .

A common necessity within a democracy is that the people require a representative- often times a president, & in some cases an elected state/ provincial representative as well- this representative is required  to (well , represent) the people which came out to elect them for the core purpose of improving their lives.

It appears that the people have become subservient in dedicating their lives to empower & provide for those which could care less about representing or uplifting them- this careless group would be their government officials & the bourgeoisie (the rich/privileged elite). The irony is in that the governments which are meant to represent their people & the industries meant to employ these common people & develop the economies & therefore the nations of these common people exist in a world within which the common people are a last priority  (of sorts) .

They aim to exploit every possible ounce of the common person to enrich themselves.       Our governments will try to represent their financial interests & in doing so they shall fail to effectively carry out the duties they swore to protect & carry out. In simple terms, the government elected by the people have betrayed the people which elected them.

This cannot be tolerated. The government cannot offer the least & force it down the throats of their people. They cannot allow the people to suffer so that they may enjoy lavish privileges. The people elected the government & so the people are the government- I laughed reading that because that is so far from the reality.

If you do not stand up when you are told to sit down & it is obvious that you are being betrayed, if you fail to speak up when you are told to (shut up*) & you are certain that you are misrepresented , and if you fail to demand further action when you are told to be happy with whatever scraps were thrown at your feet- then you are at fault. You cannot expect such greedy people to act in your interests. The purpose of a FREE democracy is that the people are given a voice to shout out their plights which should be attended to by the representatives which they elect to REPRESENT them- and so ,if you do not make your voice heard in your own capacity & expect everything to be handed to you- then you will fall & suffer at the will of your government & as a result of your failure to take initiative. **Obviously if you were to be killed or tortured for standing against injustice then that is a different circumstance.**-but you do not need to stand in a protest to attract attention- your votes mean more than you think (but are often controlled by who you are presented with to elect).

When writing this particular piece a very interesting event occurred, the President of South Africa- Jacob Zuma, decided to reshuffle his ministerial cabinet & in turn -replacing a financial minister (Pravin Gordhan) who disagreed with various decisions of which the President had made from lavish government spending to economic policies- the now new financial minister Hon. Gigaba (who is not qualified for this particular post) may or may not actually work out (only time will tell), however the importance of this event is that large amounts of South Africans were outraged & expressed this outrage- it is important that the people understand their power in influencing (& their responsibility to defend) their democracies.

Who shall elect the government ? The people shall.                                                                       The people shall elect their government to represent & protect them & so the people cannot tolerate a government that neglects them, lies to them, betrays them with the intention of benefiting themselves & refuses to acknowledge them- the people must make it very clear that this is their nation & that they will not accept such treasonous activities against them .






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