Anxious, Stressed, Unsure or just Pissed*- This is South Africa…

Anxious, Stressed, Unsure or just Pissed*- this is South Africa… In the modern age ! After Apartheid, Scarred by Apartheid, Plagued by Corruption; Crime; Racism & Political Uncertainty ! Hell*, here are some cartoons : *We do not own any of the below content (cartoons)

Image result for South Africa political crisis cartoon
Apartheid & Colonialism gave us all privileges because now we can all share in it- says such people which had said privileges all along !
ANC Toxsix
HAIBO ! The Honourable The President did not consult with us on his cabinet reshuffle – but we cannot so openly criticise him like our electorate want us to, what is this a free democracy ? NEVER- this is ANC tradition from 1979 .
Saxonwold Cabinet
You want power, money & opportunity- join us comrades & we will steal from our poor people & suck the bu***cks of our very much rich friends.
Driving Miss Helen
What do you mean “The DA is full of white privilege ?” , I mean I speak isiXhosa !
Image result for zapiro eff cartoons
Comrades we must reclaim our country, Zuma must #PayBackTheMoney – I also have a track record on stealing & being racist so don’t hold me accountable for nothing!

-We do not claim ownership over these cartoons-

**Originally this post included an infamous ‘rape-inspired’ cartoon but has since been removed after it was re-evaluated that it is both unnecessarily offensive & destructive to the promotion of dealing with rape cases & rape stigma- since this post has (as of this moment-April 2017) not gotten any attention for that cartoon- think beyond the cartoon & understand what more it begins to represent to others.**

So as I hope you would have seen- this country is a mess (politically, now [06 April 2017] economically & generally socially as well) but what can we do (sighs out of frustration) ! Cast a vote that can replace one piece of (bad doo doo) with another one, attend a protest & hope nobody starts burning trash or smashing in windshields, sit silently & cry…

Well start by motivating the youth to value themselves, educate themselves & mobilise themselves with or WITHOUT a (bad doo doo) political party ! Get people educated on their rights & responsibilities & put pressure on those YOU ELECT ! Then cry because it went horribly wrong or pray that it goes somewhere fruitful- & not just for the rich, privileged whites & corrupt government officials !

The situation we find ourselves in is an utterly ridiculous mess . Think of a headache, constipation, revulsion, that exhausted feeling you get when you are so damn tired- when your eyes start dropping & waking up feels like there’s an earthquake happening- that is what it currently feels like to be a South African- unless you are like SUPER rich or just really don’t care- because like when does politics have anything to do with me (well to be fair a lot of people are just real despondent about stuff) .

I don’t have any psychological help to offer, I myself am a mess . All I know for sure is that silence & a lack of interest is much more catastrophic in comparison to awareness & facing an uncertain reality & future ,even if everything seems dull & really, like really menacing & torturous ! I hope nobody read this expecting to find an answer linked to like some serious divine intervention- I’m looking as well just in case anyone finds some !


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