The African Star

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The African Star- The Spirit of survival, The Spirit of beauty, The Spirit of strength.

South Africa finds itself in a state of remarkable cross-roads. With the Marches displaying unity across racial & political lines (among’st other things!!) where we have seen some kind of mobilisation & the Vote of ‘No Confidence’ coming up which will reveal whether or not the ANC actually sees the opinions of the South African People as valuable !

  • We must not forget that we are not weak !
  • We must not forget that this country belongs to the people- not a treasonous government !
  • We must not allow these oligarchic elitists (small group of rich people which control the country) to continue their abuse of the South African people.

The poorest of the poor cannot be forgotten, The richest of the rich cannot control our nation, The negligence & crimes of the government cannot be ignored & tolerated & The effects of systematic inequality cannot be defended ! This post is directed to the ANC & its leadership.

Do you not remember the struggle ? Do you not remember the riots & the killings ? You seem to have forgotten the poor people which some of you once were, the poor people which elected you, the black people which were told to shut up & clean by the apartheid government, because you seem dedicated to the cause of betraying them. It is obvious that this president is incompetent & corrupt, it is obvious that the South African people do not want him in power- do your job which means start serving the people of the nation & not the President of your party ! Your loyalty can no longer lie with one corrupt & negligent man, it now needs to lie with the people.

It is pathetic that we have to say this- you should know this & you should already embody this ! There is no defence for you- like there is no defence for President Junk Status- it is your duty to vote with your conscience & not with your ‘pockets interests’ !

Now to us- the common people. We will cry out in anger & frustration. We will feel lost & hopeless- there is no defence against that, we must understand that in a country governed by personal interests whether you are looking at the ANC, the EFF or the DA- we cannot allow any of them to act like we have allowed them to act within the past 15 years ! We will prevail if we continue to voice ourselves, continuously educate ourselves & most of all never again turn a blind eye to corruption & mis-governance ,even if we come to elect another manipulative government we must continue to criticise them in such numbers on numerous occasions or else once again the people will be at fault for their ignorance & just like the government- their incompetence !

These are interesting (& definitely complicated) times- comrades, all the best in our struggle !


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