Media Wars-The People VS. Power

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My oh My – how we are being fooled !

So!! Do you think that because you watch CNN you’re ‘woke‘ & aware of what the world is ‘on about’ ? Think again – The media is one big mess & the people who control the media are full on … horrid !

Close to everything that the corporate media covers is calculated –

  • Will it bring in ratings – see the international press (in particular that of the United States) & its coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign (& in particular- his rhetoric) !
  • Will the advertisers approve of it?
  • Will the government officials approve of it?
  • Will the corporations & individuals (which own the mainstream media) tolerate it ?
  • (FINALLY) Will the public – buy into it ?

Regardless of whether you’re stuck on FOXNews or BBC- Instagram or Twitter, trust in this – the system is filthy & its outreach is huge ! Look at any country – Qatar & its AlJazeera Arabic (very different from AJ English) or MSNBC in the United States – nothing is simple, nothing is fair, nobody is neutral & everyone has an agenda (& there are times when an agenda can only be successful when it involves lying & manipulation) but look at this- the agendas are beyond disgusting. They involve everything from war mongering, political propaganda, discrimination, corporatism, rigged economics & many yet-to be-revealed evils.

Independent media on the other hand is much more complicated- this type of media often does not (or should not) rely on corporations to sustain (& control) them but they are not necessarily better than corporate media. We need to understand this, we cannot generalise entire news mediums as either good or bad, corporate or independent- because the media is a vessel meant to convey & relate various types of information & opinions & so it can never be seen as “this type VS. that type “.

Now it is important that we acknowledge this- the media can either save the people or play a role in imprisoning & destroying them. Independent media more so in the present age. With platforms like YouTube, Social Media, The entire damn* internet etc. ,information sharing is at its height. Independent media has proven to be the antithesis of the mainstream, corporate owned media & so some independent media outlets are more intelligent & logical in their coverage & less bought into this way of thinking that benefits the system & not the viewer- however others are much more dangerous- some promote radical militarism, radical prejudiced-inspired thinking, right wing propaganda, some are even tools of the system to promote ‘leftist’ or ‘moderate’ inspired partisan propaganda .

The media is controlled & rigged to fool those which buy into it- it is therefore of the utmost importance that we educate ourselves, that we think critically & fight this desire to buy into loyalty to a political party, politician, organisation or organised way of thinking that prohibits your mind from thinking critically or taking heed to the truth- we must understand that there is most definitely a system (a few in fact) that are meant to keep the poor in the slums, the rich in the sky & everyone else in the dark- & so they use your tiresome labour, your hard earned income (which they also control) & your children to fight their wars, make themselves richer, strengthen their system & ultimately lay your body to waste once you have finally died after a lifetime of serving those in charge.

They will feed you the latest & shadiest* celebrity gossip, establishment political agendas (a fancy way of saying… corruption), prejudice & misinformation & they will never be on your side. Now, you can decide to ignore it, enjoy your tv series & sports commentary- because regardless, you are being treated like live-stock ,and you will live in a world that exists as a money making & power glorifying prison & millions will continue to suffer at the hands of your negligence, my negligence, the system & at times themselves, because we are blinded by worldly desires, & so those worldly desires will destroy us.

Now decide- let them tell you who to vote for & how to think- whether its a religious institution, political organisation, those on your supper table or the media – or use your working mind to actually think ! So the next time you watch the news or read a newspaper remember this quote –

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper you’re mis-informed”-Mark Twain



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