My oh My- dear women !

Women, oh dear women.

My mother – deep within my soul I see her as incomparable.

My sisters – in my eyes they are beyond beautiful (in both their minds & their souls).

My cousins & aunts – they are remarkable in so many ways (each of which represents their own individuality).

My friends – they are resilient.

Dear women – You are beyond capable, You are worth much more than just your physical appearances, cooking skills & sexuality’s (of which you are often stripped off of). You are Strong – You are the trustees tasked with holding the weight’s of this Earth on your backs (& some within your wombs)… So why then, are you treated as property, as cattle to the whip of a master, as inferior to the men you raise ! If you raise men, why are you met with such hatred & violence !

Mothers & Aunts, Sisters & Wives, Strangers &… those different types of women – of which most definitely are women – even if you may not see them as women – nobody asked you to validate them !                                                                                                                                                     My late grandmother (my mothers mother)- was picked out of school when her elder sister got married – that was the way of their family . When each sister got married & left the home, the next daughter needed to leave school & take up the upkeep of the home. My grandmother & her sisters were deprived of an education or an opportunity to carve their own way in life – they were told (their father had passed away & so by elder family members) what to do & whom to marry – as women… simply because they were women, they were stripped off of their own intellectual capabilities & freedoms. On the grounds that they were women ! We really need to establish that particular point as a gross truth !

If we continue to tell women, that on the grounds of them being women, that they are inferior & incapable – then we are ultimately assuming that God* (say perhaps) was incapable of creating human beings as competent beings beyond gender & sexuality, race & ethnicity & social class- how blasphemous (don’t execute me) ! – that is now if you happen to care for religion at all .

I firmly believe that this exists as a result of the men which society holds captive becoming weak & failing to see the value of women – beyond seeing them as property.

Men – respect women, they are not Your women, they were created to be independent beings, value them & empower them.

Women, stand tall & think for yourselves – do not ask a man to think for you nor degrade yourself by asking anyone else to think for you !

Being a woman is to be strong, nurturing & resilient – do not let any man (or woman), system or school of thought degrade you in to simply being a servant !


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