What about the children – somebody answer me !

What about the children ?

Somebody please,

tell me about our children.

What about the children ?

A child, A kid, A little person .

Please, I am crying  for an answer, what about OUR children ?

I don’t care about their race, gender, physicality or background – just tell me , what about our children ?

In such an evil world , can even a child not have the closure of an existence – must the children of the world be so openly & nonchalantly subjected to violence , hatred , death , war , abuse , ignorance & greed .

How many babies have to die under rubble caused by a bombing campaign ?

How many children have to be refused entry in to a world of chance – that is what life is on about is it not ?

Chance – take a chance – everything exists by chance , that is an already difficult reality , and now we strip children of having a chance at life !

My friend ,

Does it not break your heart knowing that even children cannot be safeguarded & afforded a chance at life – must they be treated as horribly as their superiors –

can we not come to muster up even an atoms worth of courage , empathy or kindness within our hardened & mutilated souls ?

God have mercy upon us all – we are so undeserving of it . We live with so little care for life .

Be it the life of a child , a beggar , another organism or even our planet – we have so little respect for existence – we simply rock up wherever we we deem fit & then do as we please – even with organised governments , societies & religious institutions we cannot muster up any dignity .

What is the point of valuing human existence if human beings cannot even value one another – we will destroy ourselves & by God’s* will or the will of nature (I honestly don’t care about some being against reaching out to the less religious) we will be exterminated for the greater good –

for all our triumphs & spectacular workings – our legacy will always showcase countless tales of man made horror & destruction .

Now tell me again, please, I beg of you –

What About Our Children – do we still not care

do our souls still not weep

do our heart still not scream in agony ?

For how gross is it that this world cannot even afford a child the opportunity to live , and if a child does live – they are not even afforded a life of chance for betterment -now that the system of the world is to destroy all so that someone (or a number of people) can capitalise off of the suffering of humankind – it is so pathetic that even children are no exception .

Cry , please , cry .

Feel , please , feel.

Try, please, Try.

No, My heart is lost of hope –

I wish to be the change I dream of seeing – but I am so lost in my personal horrors that I cannot even hope to see a change of being –

dear God forgive me

dear God …

What about the Children ?


Image result for syrian child  art
Are we satisfied with what we do ?
Image result for trafficking children
Are we still incapable of feeling ?
Related image
Are we still obsessed with hate ?

Image result for trafficking children

Are we uncomfortable with feeling pain & recognising evil ?

Image result for syrian children
Well shame, this child was not afforded the choice to ignore anything -here he is holding his hands up because he thinks a journalist is a soldier holding a gun!


Image result for syrian children
Do we still not care ?
Image result for somalianchildren
What about the children ?




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