The terror of human kinds existence

I am so tired.

I am so tired of terror & death.

I am so tired of their partners –  injustice & war (based off of lie after lie).

I am so tired of prejudice inspired-hate & ignorance, systematic oppression & day after day – night after night – as the hours dawn & reality awakens us all –

I am so tired of another attack on the livelihood of mankind .

But I am not exhausted simply because I am disappointed in mankind’s ‘mistakes’ – no .

I am tired because I am sick of seeing the world focus on the livelihoods of certain people -and understand this – with recent events having taken place , my heart breaks for the people of Manchester & London (even for Paris & Brussels) – but get this , my heart is also frustrated by the silence shown to the dying & suffering people of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the working slaves of Africa still serving their oppressors – why are we relatively silent when people are blown to bits in Kabul but then beyond outraged when the same happens in Europe .

Why do we sit still & place blame on whole groups of people – when our (or your) leaders are worth more blame .

Why is Syria in the state it is in , because foreign entities meddled in its (peaceful) political revolts resulting in a civil war – meant to carry out a proxy war – all to benefit the gruesome Goliath’s that are the war-frenzied United States & their ugly Middle Eastern friends Saudi Arabia & Qatar, maybe even that other one … Israel !

Why do we assume that our :

  • news media
  • politicians
  • religious institutions
  • economic power-houses

that all of the above (& more) have our backs & are not at fault .

Blindness can never bring about justice – but I’ve come to see that in this mortal life , the search for justice is never easy & is never met with actual justice .

Related image
Are we not being deceived ? Not only by our leaders & media- but by our own ignorance & our own compliance in the promotion of injustice & war !


We are pawns

We are being used to promote the interests of a few

These few

They profit off of the suffering & annihilation of others

especially those below them , weaker than them , poorer than them

We remain oblivious to the greed , corruption & terror around us –

& when it is presented to us – we accept or reject it (sometimes both) & continue on with our lives .

We live as if we are already dead – like corpses we think, feel but no- we act like the living – greedy , selfish , manipulated , foolish , weak & ignorant .

We will (by Gods ‘hand’ – I believe) destroy ourselves & the Earth that cares for us – & for some of us – we would slaughter our own mothers & hang our own fathers , trade our own children & imprison our own siblings so as to succeed in this life – that is the terror of human kinds existence !



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