The African Progressive- stand tall in all your African valour. Be proud of the blood running through your veins, embrace your potential & strive for greatness- a greatness of your own. Reject those things of which a society, a system of continued both oppression & repression & a history of other systemic workings (which work q`against your betterment) wish of you to be- of which they aim to force you to be (to embody)- define yourself, think for yourself, live for yourself- educate yourself & in doing so- liberate yourself !

The African Progressive- be Proud, be Empathetic, stand against injustice & in this moment, this present moment of which you can ensure that you do in fact exist- right now, be the change ,you wish to see !

The African Progressive- progress in your thinking, continue to educate yourself, always communicate with those which agree with you & always try to communicate with those which oppose you ! There is no limit to the amount of knowledge you may encounter nor will we ever “know everything”- humble yourself & strive to learn & in your own capacity make the world a better place !

The African Progressive aims to promote :                                                                                      -critical thinking                                                                                                                                    -a stand against injustice (systematically institutional or any other).                                        -the empowerment of African people & other marginalised groups/s of people .                   -raising awareness on issues pertaining to society, the environment & beyond…

As the late Thomas Sankara once said- “We should Dare to Dream.”


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