Anxious, Stressed, Unsure or just Pissed*- This is South Africa…

Anxious, Stressed, Unsure or just Pissed*- this is South Africa... In the modern age ! After Apartheid, Scarred by Apartheid, Plagued by Corruption; Crime; Racism & Political Uncertainty ! Hell*, here are some cartoons : *We do not own any of the below content (cartoons) -We do not claim ownership over these cartoons- **Originally this... Continue Reading →

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The terror of human kinds existence

I am so tired. I am so tired of terror & death. I am so tired of their partners -  injustice & war (based off of lie after lie). I am so tired of prejudice inspired-hate & ignorance, systematic oppression & day after day - night after night - as the hours dawn & reality... Continue Reading →

My oh My- dear women !

Women, oh dear women. My mother - deep within my soul I see her as incomparable. My sisters - in my eyes they are beyond beautiful (in both their minds & their souls). My cousins & aunts - they are remarkable in so many ways (each of which represents their own individuality). My friends - they... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Thought

Right In front of me , as I pen my thoughts, through the window I see a bright & empty blue sky & I wonder - what is happening in the world , as of this moment , as my sweaty hands hold on to my pen & I sit within the comforts of my... Continue Reading →

Media Wars-The People VS. Power

So!! Do you think that because you watch CNN you're 'woke' & aware of what the world is 'on about' ? Think again - The media is one big mess & the people who control the media are full on ... horrid ! Close to everything that the corporate media covers is calculated - Will it bring... Continue Reading →

The African Star

The African Star- The Spirit of survival, The Spirit of beauty, The Spirit of strength. South Africa finds itself in a state of remarkable cross-roads. With the Marches displaying unity across racial & political lines (among'st other things!!) where we have seen some kind of mobilisation & the Vote of 'No Confidence' coming up which... Continue Reading →

The Governing People

"If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government."- Nelson Mandela       **Firstly we shall assume that this piece is targeted to nations which practice democratic principles as a whole. This piece may not relate... Continue Reading →

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